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Art and Performance

The mysterious STALIN HOOPERVILLE of the THEODOR ADORNO JAZZ QUARTET.  Photo courtesy C.-H Jen

For the past dozen or so years I have been involved in creative and performing arts in Atlanta.
These links will give you a taste of some of the madness I've helped out with:

  • Concept Union - the Atlanta-based art collective I was a part of in the mid-'90's
  • The Theodor Adorno Jazz Quartet - an 'anti-art' perfomance troupe dedicated to dada-laden delicacies
  • The Orange Hat Hour - A 'Monkees' style TV show I used to write for - From Your Friends at Orange hat!
  • Snorkel Films - An ongoing project by Christo Harris and Janeen Whitney. I am an occasional co-conspirator

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