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Greetings to all visitors!

I am a graduate student in Theological Studies and currently teach at Vanderbilt University
and American Baptist College in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is my current contact information.

  • Theology and academic writings - My recent work in Theological Studies
  • Music - My 'other life' as a Nashville singer/songwriter
  • Art and Performance - My other 'other life' as a bohemian whacko
  • Links - A bibliography for my life and what you find there


    I just found out that an old professor of mine from Duke, Rick Roderick , passed away in 2002. I just want to say here how sad I am. This man was the reason I shifted away from psychology to study philosophy. He was a kook, a Texan, and a profound, drug-addled marxist who shook me out of my Right-wing coma in the mid-'80's. Probably the single-most influential teacher I ever had. May his righteously indignant soul rest in peace.

  • So I'm a blogger now. Read all about it at Figaro-Pravda
  • News from the Front - My reflections on travel and life 'outside the border'
  • Random Pictures - Snapshots from here and there

    Who am I? Where do I hail from? Who are "my people"? Here's a biography, of sorts.

    And, for contrast: this is not me.

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