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This is an archive of David Dault's music news

3.23.06 - I went last night to see Cowboy Mouth out at the Exit/In here in Nashville, and got a chance to catch up with my old friend Sonia Tetlow. She's got a new album out, and I highly recommend it. And you should go see her play bass for Cowboy Mouth - they put on a kick-ass show.

3.7.06 - The CD release party was a blast. I had a great time playing with Thad and James and Bill, and I think the many friends who joined us had a good time, too. We played the songs from the new album, as well as some old favorites like Leaving Song, Renee, and Watts' First Kiss. I'm putting up some selections from the set on the music downloads page. 3.3.06 - The new album is out!! As I write this I am sitting in a coffee shop in Atlanta. In an hour Thad and I will meet to do the final rehearsals for the show tonight. James Thompson (no relation to Thad, but, like Thad, an amazing musician) and Bill Sommer (of Thad's band the Shut-Ups) will be joining us tonight. Thad, James and I rehearsed last night after I got into town and it was really, really tasty. We'll be playing the album tonight, as well as dusting some little-played old favorites from Clocktime and I Got the Fear. We'll be playing some songs tonight I haven't played in probably five years (and with this lineup, they sound good-as-new, if not better!). I am so excited I could bust.

I'll post photos from the show later this weekend, and there should be some audio up this weekend as well from the show on the music downloads page

CD Baby wrote me earlier today to say they have the copies of the album and are processing them. As soon as they have a link for it up I will post it here. Keep checking back, and thanks always for listening! ~David

1.8.06 - At last! We are looking at releasing the new album in late February. It is going to the manufacturers this week. Whew!

6.5.05 - We brought in the multitalented Terri Onstad to add cello to a few tracks. Jason says he thinks we now have all the parts in place for a final mix of the album - very exciting!

3.21.05 - Just confirmed that I'll be doing a show at If Coffeehouse the first weekend in April

2.3.05 - The rough mixes are done and Jason is now working on the final mixes for the album.

12.13.04 - I'm heading down to Athens tonight to spend a few days at Bel*Air Studios mixing the new album. I'll fill you in on how its going over the next couple days.

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