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Studio Albums

Here is the Post Card (2006) (forthcoming - Recorded by Dault/Thompson - featuring Thad Thompson)

Click here to buy the album

'Maybe' EP (2001) (Unreleased - Recorded by Parks and Empty Spaces - featuring Thad Thompson and Matt Glagola)

Clocktime Presupposes a Peculiar Spatial Machine (1996) (Recorded by Feyerabend - featuring Jason NeSmith and Kay Stanton)

  • Martin
  • Rusted Plain
  • The Life You Save May Be Your Own
  • Exterminator!
  • Renee

    Like what you hear? Click here to buy the Feyerabend CD and hear the whole thing!

    I Got the Fear (1994) - This one is out-of-print, though if you write me I would be glad to burn you a CD and send it to you for $5 (postage included).

  • Watts' First Kiss
  • Six Words in 7 Days
  • The Leaving Song
  • Cypher
  • Wake Up Call
  • Arms/Hunger
  • The Girl Explains
  • Outside My Window
  • Colin's Song

    Live Recordings

    CD Release - If Coffeehouse, Atlanta - 3.4.06 - featuring Thad Thompson, James Thompson, and Bill Sommer

  • Kitchen Sinking
  • Renee
  • The Leaving Song
  • Martin (with the 'Metal Spiders' intro)
  • Specific Gravity
  • Merkan Courage
  • Unheimlich
  • Too Many Secrets
  • Brenschluss
  • N Judah

    Demos and Rough Tracks

  • Massanetta Conference Theme 2006 (This one should work all the way through - yesterday's had a glitch)

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