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Old Testament 302 Class (American Baptist College)

David Dault - Instructor

This is an online resource for students participating in the class.

  • Study Guide for Mid-Term exam - NEW - posted 2.22.05


  • Martin Jaffee, Early Judaism (Currently out of print - I will have them available to buy the first day of class)
  • A Bible, your choice of version or translation (but no paraphrase Bibles, please!)
  • The online texts as listed below, to be printed by you
  • Handouts distributed in class

    It is expected that you will have assigned texts read before class, as we will discuss them on the day shown

  • Some tips on reading academic texts

    To print the online texts I would recommend going to the 'File' menu and selecting 'Print Preview' - you should then see the text laid out properly for standard paper. Look to make sure words aren't being cut off on the edges in the preview. From there you can press 'Print' and all should be well. If cut-offs are happening you will need to find out how to adjust that particular machine's settings, or another option would be to 'Select all' in the edit menu, and copy and paste the text into a Word document and print from there.

    Week 1

  • Introductory remarks
  • Review of Course Materials
  • Isrealite Religion, the Hebrew Bible, and Old Testament Theologies

    Week 2

  • read Jaffee pp 1 - 91
  • read Isaiah 1 - 17
  • lecture: Exile and the development of Canonical Scripture

    Week 3

  • read Jaffee pp 92 - 163
  • read Nehemiah
  • lecture: Many voices in one text - the interpretive traditions of Judaism

    Week 4

  • read Jaffee pp 164 - 248
  • read Amos
  • lecture: Judaism and "Israelite Religion": Julius Wellhausen and the Documentary Source Hypothesis

    Week 5

  • read Ezekiel
  • lecture: Karl Barth and the revivial of "theological reading" of Scripture

    Week 6

  • read Deuteronomy
  • lecture: "Theological History": Albrecht Alt and Martin Noth

    Week 7

  • read Exodus
  • lecture: The Centrality of Covenant: Walther Eichrodt, pt. 1

    Week 8 - MID TERM EXAM

  • Midterm

    Week 9 - SPRING BREAK

    Week 10

  • read 2 Chronicles
  • lecture: The Centrality of Covenant: Walther Eichrodt, pt. 2

    Week 11 - GNL LECTURES

  • Your attendance is expected at the lectures
  • Happy Easter

    Week 12

  • lecture: Form Criticism and the Hexateuch - Gerhard von Rad, pt. 1

    Week 13

  • lecture: Wisdom and the Critical Project - Gerhard von Rad pt. 2

    Week 14 - SENIOR EXAM WEEK

  • lecture: Language, Semantics and Canon - Ricouer, Barr and Childs

    Week 15

  • lecture: The contemporary scene of Old Testament Theologies: Brueggemann and beyond
  • Final Things
  • Exam Review


  • Exam

    For Further Reading - If you want to continue thinking about the issues raised in this course, the following books may be helpful to you (these are NOT REQUIRED for the course):

  • Walter Brueggemann, Theology of the Old Testament (Fortress Press, 1997)
  • Walther Eichrodt, Theology of the Old Testament, volumes I & II (The Westminster Press)
  • Gerhard von Rad, Old Testament Theology (Harper and Row)

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