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I am a 'gear head' - which means I like to know what instruments and equipment are being used by musicians I like. Perhaps you are of a similar bent. So, in the interest of aiding kindred spirits, here's my 'gear' list.

I use the following in performance and recording:

Acoustic guitars

  • Takamine EF-340 'Dreadnaught' copy, circa 1970
  • Alvarez Fusion Acoustic-Electric 'Jumbo' model 5072CBK
  • Alvarez Thin Cutaway Folk model FF60WR

    Electric guitars

  • Westone Spectrum ST (my first guitar, bought from my pal Theron)
  • Black and white Fender 'American Standard' Telecaster
  • Red Fender American Deluxe Telecaster FMT HH (this guitar freakin' rocks )


  • Yamaha CP-70B Stage Electric Grand Piano
  • Wurlitzer 200-A 'Student Model' electric piano
  • Clavia Nord Electro 2-73 organ/piano emulator
  • Casio MT-68 mini-keyboard
  • Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard
  • Korg Poly-800 digital synthesizer

    Drum machine

  • Alesis drum programmer

    Outboard gear

  • Alesis Midiverb II chorus/reverb
  • Behringer Autocom Pro Compressor/Limiter

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