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Photography by Alan Pogue Thursday, October 14th, 1999 - "IRAQ - The Human Costs of the Economic Embargo" - An exhibition of photographs by Alan Pogue documenting life for civilians after nine years of economic sanctions. Presented in conjunction with the American Friends Service Committee. The opening reception runs from 7 - 10 PM, and there will be an informational talk at 8. The show itself will be up through November 11th. Click Here to return to the index. While this was not one of our best attended openings, it did serve the purpose of being an "alternative media source" for the grossly under-reported plight of civilians suffering from the embargo and continued American bombing of Iraq.

The photographs themselves were breathtaking, presenting a rich exploration of a beautiful land and people torn apart by the ongoing ravages of malnutrition, disease, and shellshocked infrastructure.

The Service Committee also provided background and commentary interspersed with the photos, to help the viewer grasp the issues presented in a historical context. In addition, they provided a great deal of additional information and literature to assist viewers in getting involved with the issues.

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