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High Kaukle Aurum Saturday, October 2nd 1996

At the time of this show, the group of artists who would form the nucleus of the early Concept Union were still operating under the name 8 Steps to the Beat (Marching). Controlled Falling (our first show together) had been primarily for visual art, with some performance components. In contrast, High Kaukle Aurum was designed as a showcase for original performance exclusively. We rented the Beacon Hill Dance Studio space in Decatur, a beautiful black box theater, and advertised the evening as "An Exhibition of Performance, Noise, and Film Art." All the pieces performed that night were written by 8 Steps members. The evenings events included: Overtures and Interludes by Casper Fandango which included noise and found-sound creations

"Architectural Karaoke" - a series of short plays by Alec Badenoch

The Sonic Hose Orchestra in their first public performance - "The Terribly Excruciating Symphony, Op. 11"

Nothing by the Over Door Head Traction Ensemble

"Mad Lib of the Gods" - a very silly piece by Christo Mover, John Henry, and Jason NeSmith

The Theodor Adorno Jazz Quartet - in their first public performance which included "Set Piece / End Piece" and "Opium for Bucket and Cello"

"Mothos: Planet of The Bird Women" - the debut of this award winning silent film by Christo Harris, Janeen Whitney, and John Henry Cardozza. That night the soundtrack was performed live by the Sonic Hose Orchestra.

At the conclusion of the evening, the full cast assembled, sang "Ya Mo Be There", and pelted the audience with marshmallows.

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