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Artful Noise! Saturday, October 3rd, 1998

Hua Jen approached the other Concept Union Fellows with an idea to have a night dedicated to music; all sorts of music. As a group, we hadn't had a specifically performance-oriented show since the Plastic Freak Show, and the suggestion was eagerly accepted. After some frenzied and thin-nerved weeks of preparation, the evening arrived. What resulted was a most satisfying evening of all styles of music: from the classical and traditional forms to the avant-garde, Cage and Fluxus-influenced "new musics." The best part was that Hua accepted and encouraged all of it as fitting with his vision. If we called it music, that was good enough for him. The event hall was crowded through most of the evening, and the audience was quite patient during the lulls between performances. Concept Union Fellows were joined by community members of all ages during the various acts of the evening. Members of the Decatur High School band began the evening by playing a selection of movie themes.

David Dault premiered his "Five Pieces for Guitar" and later in the evening recreated Nam June Paik's "Zen for Head"

Imprompt-U, a vocal ensemble, sang both classic and contemporary selections

The Theodor Adorno Jazz Quartet performed its latest piece, "Tart Pop," and proceeded to gross out a large portion of the audience and confuse everybody.

The WHCU String Ensemble performed a series of selections by W.A. Mozart

and Aromatic finished out the evening with their unique melding of smells and sounds

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